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Intel CEO promises to accelerate mobile progress
July 18, 2013
Intel's new CEO, Brian Krzanich, repeated his message that he will turn the firm into a mobile powerhouse at last, as he revealed the results of his first quarter at the ...

Intel needs bigger push to offset PC decline
October 17, 2012
An unexpected uptick in PC processor sales in September enabled Intel to beat (previously downgraded) third quarter sales estimates, but the results still highlighted the...

Intel halves power consumption with Haswell
September 12, 2012
Intel's foremost annual event, its Developer Forum (IDF) has given increasing prominence to mobile platforms, and the highlight this year has been the official debut of t...

Intel joins ARM in chip slowdown warning
September 10, 2012
Amid the excitement of the start of the smartphone catwalk season last week, ARM's warnings of an imminent slowdown went hardly remarked in some quarters. But now they ha...

ARM will get up to 20% of notebook space by 2015 says CEO
May 21, 2012
As Intel and ARM come face-to-face in the battleground between PCs and handsets, the latter's CEO Warren East is engaged in fighting talk. The ARM platform will capture a...

AMD promises cheaper ultra-thin notebooks than Intel
January 13, 2012
While Intel and Qualcomm made plenty of noise at the Consumer Electronics Show, some of their rivals were taking a more subdued approach - but still promising disruptive...

Ultrabooks vs tablets: key CES theme
January 9, 2012
The Consumer Electronics Show officially starts on Tuesday, but the pre-show press conferences have already begun. These point to the most mobile-oriented event yet, and ...

Could Compaq re-emerge to fly the tablet flag for HP
August 25, 2011
Tablets, it seems are going to be bigger than anyone thought at first. Actually they are going to be bigger than anyone thought at second take too. Bigger than PCs? Possi...

Intel strikes deal to boost WiMAX in Korea
March 29, 2010
Intel continues to add to its broad web of alliances to boost WiMAX technology worldwide and exploit its headstart over LTE in mobile broadband. The latest is with the or...

Atom boosts Intel's Q3 with 15% growth
October 14, 2009
Intel reported a 15% year-on-year growth in its Atom netbook processor and associated chipsets, as it announced a strong third quarter that boosted confidence across the ...

Dell offers WiMAX LAPTOP upgrade, initially for Clearwire
May 7, 2009
Any new network relies on a critical mass of devices, and WiMAX is starting to approach that, at least in the notebook/modem world. Early mobile broadband operators like ...

Orange could offer subsidized Apple notebook
March 31, 2009
As mobile operators, especially in Europe, become increasingly addicted to offering subsidized netbooks to drive mobile data revenues, there is a persistent undercurrent ...

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