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Google throws cheap Chromebook at multiscreen bid
October 19, 2012
Google managed to distract a little from disappointing results with its latest bid to dominate the landscape between the PC and the phone. It released an aggressively pri...

Intel adds free Wi-Fi to ultrabook platform
May 31, 2012
Intel is adding a feature which enables free Wi-Fi access to its Ultrabook and tablet platform. The chip giant has signed a deal with DeviceScape to use the latter's conn...

Tizen devices expected to land later this year
May 22, 2012
As Windows Phone has proved it's a tough world out there for a new mobile Operating System but a report from D...

CES: Intel claims 75 ultrabooks this year
January 9, 2012
Intel is determined to make its ultrabook platform as much a keynote of the Consumer Electronics Show this year as tablets were in 2011. There is good sense behind this -...

Ultrabook to shake up mobile PC ecosystem
November 21, 2011
Intel faces all kinds of challenges breaking into the tablet market, where the platforms are essentially those of the mobile phone. Its hedge against failure is the ultra...

Intel in NFC alliance to boost Ultrabook
November 14, 2011
Intel is the latest vendor to embrace NFC contactless payment technology to enhance its own platform. Google and RIM have done the same to bolster the appeal of Android a...

Could Compaq re-emerge to fly the tablet flag for HP
August 25, 2011
Tablets, it seems are going to be bigger than anyone thought at first. Actually they are going to be bigger than anyone thought at second take too. Bigger than PCs? Possi...

Intel reduces Core power for ultrabook launches
June 23, 2011
Intel is stepping up its attack on ARM's mobile devices stronghold with new low voltage models within its Core processor family. The chips are targeted at the new wave of...

AMD plans chip specifically for tablets
May 31, 2011
One of the themes of this week's gadget-fest, Computek in Taiwan, will be devices that combine the power of a notebook with features of a tablet. Intel is pushing its 'ul...

Ultrabook: Intel renames the hybrid device again
May 31, 2011
Although Intel has an impressive roadmap for low power processors incorporating its new 3D transistor technology, actually getting its Atom range into tablets and smartph...

ARM targets 50% share of mobile PC market
May 31, 2011
ARM expects to start generating royalties from Windows devices as early as next year, following Microsoft's decision to support the firm's processor architecture as well ...

Google pushes Chrome OS at post-PC world
May 12, 2011
After a day dominated by Android, Google's I/O developer conference focused its second day on the firm's other mobile platform, Chrome OS, laying down the gauntlet to the...

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