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SAMSUNG slides on profit warning
July 5, 2013
SAMSUNG confirmed recent jitters about its smartphone growth, issuing a profits forecast which was weaker than analysts had expected. The Korean giant predicts that it...

SAMSUNG hedges its OS bets with latest ATIV
June 24, 2013
SAMSUNG has introduced a dual-OS tablet in its ATIV range of tablets, which it is seeking to establish as the premier brand for Windows 8. However, it is unclear whether ...

SAMSUNG sets up US unit to cash in on display patents
May 30, 2013
SAMSUNG's latest move in the mobile patents war comes from its display business, which is investing $25m to establish a patents licensing unit in Washington DC. Called In...

SAMSUNG claims '5G' breakthrough
May 13, 2013
SAMSUNG is the latest firm to claim it is getting close to '5G' technology, even before the key industry bodies - the 3GPP or ITU - are even using the term, let alone def...

SAMSUNG increases market lead and profits
April 26, 2013
SAMSUNG boosted its global smartphone market share to one-third in the first quarter as iPhone's magic faded, and the Korean company confirmed a 42% year-on-year leap in ...

SAMSUNG suffers shortages on two fronts
April 25, 2013
SAMSUNG is suffering from shortages on two fronts - it has been forced to delay shipments of its new flagship, the Galaxy S4, to some carriers; and it has turned to SK Hy...

SAMSUNG wins LTE contract in Ireland
April 11, 2013
SAMSUNG continues to establish itself as a contender in the LTE infrastructure market, signing its latest European contract, with Three Ireland. The Korean firm has pr...

SAMSUNG beats estimates with Q1 profit
April 5, 2013
SAMSUNG beat analyst estimates again with its first quarter profit, confirming strong preliminary figures which it issued last month. Its Galaxy range was the major facto...

Apple pushes for new SAMSUNG trial
March 28, 2013
Apple CEO Tim Cook was making conciliatory noises about the patent wars last fall, but now the company has gone hardline again, seeking yet another trial in its intermina...

SAMSUNG hits back at Ericsson lawsuit
March 19, 2013
SAMSUNG has responded to a lawsuit filed by Ericsson in November, hurling its own complaint at the Swedish vendor in the Eastern District of Texas. Ericsson had accus...

SAMSUNG will have Tizen smartphones by September
March 18, 2013
SAMSUNG is gaining confidence in software, traditionally its point of weakness. It is creating an Android user experience increasingly independent of Google's own - spark...

SAMSUNG promises first Tizen phone later this year
March 15, 2013
Recently it was announced that the open source Tizen would be replacing Bada as SAMSUNG's own-brand OS, while absorbing some of its features, and now the company is promi...

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