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Smartphones are key driver in SONY's recovery
May 9, 2013
The decision to buy out Ericsson and take full control of its handset business is starting to pay off for SONY, which grew revenues in its fiscal year to March 31, largel...

SONY Xperia Z lockscreen bug discovered
March 26, 2013
Yet another handset has been added to the list of smartphones which feature exploitable lockscreen bugs this week, the SONY Xperia Z. Like similar bugs discovered recentl...

PlayStation 4 and Project Shield: Signs of a robust $60B console ecosystem
March 21, 2013
The growing popularity of gaming capabilities on tablets and smartphones has fuelled perceptions that console gaming is a declining trend. However, ARCchart believes the...

SONY Xperia E gets experimental Firefox OS
February 28, 2013
It's not been long since SONY announced its allegiance with the Firefox OS platform, along with Telefonica, but it has already made an experimental build of the operating...

SONY onboard with Firefox OS, Samsung isn't
February 26, 2013
Things are looking up for Mozilla's Firefox OS at the MWC this week as following its own announcement it has been revealed the LG, and now SONY are planning on releasing ...

SONY announces PS4 apps for Android and iOS
February 21, 2013
Nintendo has already taken a big step in gaming on a second screen with its Wii U and accompanying tablet but SONY looks set to offer something similar but much more inte...

TransferJet finally set for mobile mainstream
February 18, 2013
The TransferJet standard for ultrafast, short range wireless transfers has taken several years to hit the commercial mainstream but SONY and Toshiba will both show produc...

Android 4.1 starts rolling out to Xperia T and V
February 11, 2013
There's good news for any owners of an Xperia T or V waiting for Android 4.1 this week as SONY has started rolling out the update to the handsets. SONY's version of Jelly...

SONY puts new fire under mobile business
February 7, 2013
SONY is seeing some recovery in handsets since taking full control of its former joint venture with Ericsson. The Japanese firm said its mobile division achieved 94% year...

Xperia T gets custom Jelly Bean ROM
January 30, 2013
SONY has yet to deliver the full version Android 4.1 to its flagship Xperia T, aka the "Bond Phone", but this week has seen it release a custom ROM aimed only at develope...

SONY Mobile likely to jettison low end business
January 14, 2013
SONY Ericsson went through a long and often painful process of reorienting its business towards premium devices, but it was often criticized for lingering too long in the...

SONY sets out smartphone battle plan
January 10, 2013
SONY leapt from number six to number three in the smartphone league tables in a year, but mainly by taking advantage of the woes of others, such as Nokia, RIM and HTC. Ma...

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