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Qualcomm Q3: immune to smartphone slowdown
July 25, 2013
Qualcomm continues to ride the smartphone wave and, despite fears of saturation and price wars in that sector, the chip giant provided an upbeat forecast for its fiscal f...

iPad slumps in Apple's transitional quarter
July 24, 2013
Apple investors largely breathed a sigh of relief when the firm's fiscal third quarter earnings were announced on Tuesday, even though profits fell by about $2bn compared...

Microsoft hit by $900m Surface RT writedown
July 22, 2013
Microsoft's fiscal fourth quarter results highlighted the crisis it faces because of the decline of the PC, and a low point concerned one of its key responses to that cri...

NSN stabilizing but Nokia sales fall on device weakness
July 19, 2013
Nokia's decision to take full control of Nokia Siemens appeared justified as the infrastructure unit proved a high point of the Finnish firm's second quarter results. Ove...

Intel CEO promises to accelerate mobile progress
July 18, 2013
Intel's new CEO, Brian Krzanich, repeated his message that he will turn the firm into a mobile powerhouse at last, as he revealed the results of his first quarter at the ...

Promising profit signs in Ericsson's flat quarter
July 18, 2013
There were some promising signs for Ericsson on the profits front, though it reported flat second quarter revenues because of negative currency exchange. The Swedish gian...

HTC gains in share but not profits
July 8, 2013
HTC, like Sony, is showing signs of recapturing some market share points from Samsung in the Android battle, but this is not yet showing through in its quarterly results,...

Samsung slides on profit warning
July 5, 2013
Samsung confirmed recent jitters about its smartphone growth, issuing a profits forecast which was weaker than analysts had expected. The Korean giant predicts that it...

BlackBerry disappoints again with poor Z10 sales
July 1, 2013
The high hopes that surrounded January's launch of the BlackBerry 10 platform were dashed again by an unexpectedly "brutal" set of quarterly results, and in particular by...

Yahoo gains value on belated mobile progress
June 28, 2013
Gradually, the big web brands are learning the secrets of the mobile world. Facebook is increasingly confident, 15 months on from an IPO blighted by doubts over its abili...

ALU focuses on two units with Shift Plan
June 20, 2013
Alcatel-Lucent's CEO, Michel Combes, is determined to end constant restructuring and return the company to stability with a 2.5-year roadmap, called the Shift Plan. O...

Vodafone suffers first ever full-year revenue decline
May 21, 2013
Vodafone reported its first ever full-year drop in revenues, dragged down by the continuing economic crisis in southern Europe, an important market to the UK-based giant....

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