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Don't blame Cameron for Broadband cuts

18 February, 2013

We can get all upset about the UK's Prime Minister, David Cameron, sabotaging the Connecting Europe initiative for broadband, but in th

Arris-Motorola has more hurdles to straddle

18 February, 2013

Any area of business which has suffered with such a prolonged "lock in" of a single vendor as Motorola has had in the US cable set top

Vodafone to dip its toe into the cable industry?

18 February, 2013

Vodafone is a cautious company and usually lets its subsidiaries make their own mind up about how to run their business. But the rumors

Does Xbox TV have a viable, global future?

18 February, 2013

Microsoft seems less and less committed to Mediaroom its IPTV middleware and despite recent wins for it, it is never going to become th

Curation or recommendation for TV services?

1 February, 2013

A piece we can this week on a new service called Redux raises the question of whether or not multiscreen viewers want their internet vi

Big Data too big to ignore

1 February, 2013

We have tried and tried to ignore this new idea "big data," feeling certain that it was just another "business intelligence" fad. But o

BT Vision halfway through Mediaroom exit

1 February, 2013

Chatting this week to UK video middleware specialist Oregan, we confirmed the details of the story we ran early last year about Mediaro

Is Latam piracy triggered by operator pricing?

1 February, 2013

Latin America was always going to have a major piracy issue at some point. It has the highest pay TV ARPUs out of any developing region

YouTube makes TV move

1 February, 2013

The idea of YouTube becoming more like TV and eventually taking over TV viewing, is a bit far-fetched, but it seems to be the only way

Say bye bye to Blockbuster brand

25 January, 2013

Blockbuster was never going to have a happy ending and announcements this week from the US owner Dish Network, that it has savaged it t

DTH to be the drivers of 4k

25 January, 2013

There were two schools of thought emerging from exhibitors at the CES Show in Vegas this month, over the new 4K TV resolution standard.

Apple needs innovation soon, or will flatline

25 January, 2013

Apple investors have not been used to the turmoil in its stock. But they had better get used to it. Apple stock is set to seesaw and th


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