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Don't blame Cameron for Broadband cuts


Published: 18 February, 2013


We can get all upset about the UK's Prime Minister, David Cameron, sabotaging the Connecting Europe initiative for broadband, but in the end this is all about cuts falling in the wrong place.

It reminds us of schools that when the financial axe falls, choose to cut IT, Business studies and Programming from their list of supported subjects, in order to preserve more "traditional" subjects like History and Geography. They retrench but do their customers a disservice.

So the first ever cut in the EU seven year budget has also brought the axe down in the wrong places while sparing parts that are crying out to be chopped, but which are protected by vested interests. Climate change has missed out, and the Connecting Europe facility which covered transport and energy on the one side, but also digital networks on the other, have been slashed, and suddenly we can see that the EU valued subsidy of a relatively low number of French famers as more important than bringing broadband to every home, purely because of the vagary of the French voting system which artificially empowers farmers.

What is happening is that no-one is voting for what they believe in, but everyone is voting for their own national interests. It's a shambles of the variety that breaks up institutions like the European Union

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