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US initiative to put movies on USB sticks


Published: 2 March, 2012


In the US a new project has been set up by two storage majors and two studios, which they think will result in top end HD, high value, early release movies, being copied on and off home networks, onto flash memory sticks. The level of protection needed to do this and prevent piracy will require something of a breakthrough.

The companies however are fairly dominant and have formed a joint venture, the Secure Content Storage Association with backing from 20th Century Fox, Warner, SanDisk and Western Digital. The launch statement says that it is not aimed at competing with the UltraViolet online digital rights locker, but extending it to fixed storage, so that you can download and store, or stream and store 1080p HD new release content, on devices such as a connected TVs, laptops, Blu-ray players, tablets, mobile phones or games consoles - in effect carry around some of the most valuable content in the world on local and portable hard drives, USB flash drives, SD cards and solid state disk drives (SSDs).

The only way that is going to be allowed is with a tamper proof, encrypted, firewalled, sandboxed system, with the root of trust being embedded within the flash memory and inside secret and secure locations within disk drives. Given that SanDisk has the strongest Flash controller patents in the world, with licensees like Samsung and Toshiba, the world's two largest Flash makers and Western Digital, neck and neck with Seagate, is the largest disk maker in the world and getting larger as it acquires Hitachi's disk assets, this move should get the attention of many players in HD video. That is not to say their approval.

To see a full analysis of this announcement go to and order this week's Faultline issue or ask for a four week trial to Faultline.


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